The Challenge

Our client had several technology-led prototypes for one of their growing food brands, but they needed to determine which prototype should receive continued attention and development.

We envisioned the challenge as two-fold:

  1. Should some or all of the ideas continue being developed? What was appealing or interesting about each?
  2. Why should priority concepts move forward? How could each address consumer needs/occasions? What benefits do they provide?

The Approach

We executed a series of iterative consumer workshops among three U.S. markets, with consumers exhibiting a mix of mainstream and elevated health consciousness to align with the brand target.

Through a combination of traditional and innovative techniques, we gauged overall appeal, uncovered key insights to inform concept development, and evaluated and optimized each prototype. We refined priority concepts throughout to maximize relevance and resonance and to ensure fit to brand.

The Outcome

We recommended the top-priority concepts for further development based on the strength of their rationale and fit to brand. We also provided consumer-informed product execution guidance for each priority prototype.

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