The Challenge

Our client identified a store aisle/category that not only represented significant growth potential for their brands, but was also in need of a renovation ― it was outdated and uninspired. The client saw an opportunity to reinvent the category for mutual benefit, so they joined with one of their key retail partners and engaged us to create a strategic path forward.

The Approach

We created a plan that balanced both partners’ aspirations and assets.

We identified the consumer with the potential to impact both organizations’ growth, and then set out to dimensionalize our understanding of that consumer and her relationship to the category. We then designed a series of immersive experiences to gather the essential inspiration needed to generate innovative retail and product ideas.

A collaborative Ideation with both partners produced numerous forward-thinking ideas grounded in consumer needs and wishes. But to truly understand the potential for these ideas to reinvent the category, we needed to bring them to life through experiential in-aisle illustrations and get them in front of our consumers for feedback and optimization. This critical input helped maximize the potential of each top-priority idea.

The Outcome

We inspired and enabled the partners to create category-changing, consumer-informed product and retail/in-aisle executions.

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