The Challenge

Our client had an innovative new technology and a long list of potential applications, but it lacked the necessary consumer connection ― how could this meet real needs, in real-life occasions, while achieving an acceptable degree of scale for the business? With limited time and resources, we developed a nimble approach for consumer-driven solutions.

The Approach

We knew that no matter how great the technology was, we couldn’t create meaningful applications for it without understanding who would be engaging with it and why.

By leveraging existing client and industry insights, we created consumer personas and hypothetical occasions for use. These became the foundation for our Ideation strategy and related activities, which included:

  • Occasion-based stimulus for need generation and subsequent solutions
  • Analogous exploration for future-state applications
  • Experience-based mash-ups for creative retail executions

The Outcome

Consumer-driven applications of new technology for implementation across various priority channels in both near-term and future-state.

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