The Challenge

Our client needed to optimize their marketing strategy and communications approach for their flagship brand, based on fresh target segment data. To most closely position the messaging and communications to align with the appeals of those within this target, we set out to fully texturize them: how they think, feel and talk about their health and wellness.

The Approach

We executed a multi-tiered approach across several U.S. markets that began with exploring distinct topical elevations through in-home conversations.

Through several working sessions alongside our client, we synthesized our findings and developed several message strategy directions. We then evaluated and optimized each message in a series of iterative consumer workshops, with the strongest recommended for development into several campaign executions. We sought consumer input once again to prioritize and refine the campaigns by understanding the clarity, credibility and relevance of each.

The Outcome

We delivered a number of optimized messaging approaches for the brand’s target purchaser and recommended the strongest messaging campaign for further development and implementation.

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