The Challenge

For one of our category-leading clients, reaching into new, ambitious product territory would require careful leveraging of existing brand assets. We were asked to help envision the brand in the new growth context, determine what core brand attributes could successfully make the transition, and ultimately inform the extension strategy for the next series of products.

The Approach

We tackled this opportunity with a nontraditional and iterative program design.

We talked to brand loyalists in their own settings — discovering their passion points for the products — and, learning how the brand compares to the competition, we watched them use and talk to each other about the product category. Later, we used what we had learned about our client’s brand attributes and applied it to the new product category to gauge reaction and response among users.

The Outcome

We provided crucial insight into engagement and loyalty of the client’s brand, and we showed a strong potential for brand equity to transfer to its new product category. We recommended strategies for bringing the product advantages to life in the context of the brand and the competitive set.

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