The Challenge

Our client saw an opportunity to create a premium offering within their category and turned to us to help shape the path forward, from informing a go/no-go decision, to identifying the strongest global target audience, to uncovering the relevant driving insight and informing the potential product benefits.

The Approach

Global relevance was crucial to launch success, so we designed our work to listen with fresh ears in each of three international markets — but also to synthesize learnings across all.

We engaged two segments of consumers in a combination of:

  • Need/benefit discovery — benefit laddering, clustering and prioritizing
  • Product design Co-Creation
  • Concept workshops to marry products with their insight rationale

In each market, the learnings were reflective of specific cultural interests but were stretched and massaged through the lenses of other market insights.

The Outcome

We provided actionable insights and comprehensive guidance, recommending one master product strategy for global application — whether and why to proceed with the product, audience prioritization, needs and benefit platforms.

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