The Challenge

With significant shifts in business, marketing and consumer dynamics on the horizon, one of our well-established food brand clients anticipated the need for brand refinement. They turned to us for a brand roadmap that would guide and unify future strategies, primarily current portfolio management, new product development/innovation and marketing communications.

The Approach

We built and executed a custom multi-phase program that was equal parts internal/business reflection and consumer/audience insight.

Internal teams from across the organization informed past- and current-state perspectives and also envisioned future possibilities and limitations. Rich and dimensional consumer input across key U.S. markets was essential at several milestones of the program, accessed via both nontraditional, highly creative means and traditional qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Discovery, along with divergent and convergent developmental efforts, culminated in several focused, high-potential brand candidates, quantitatively tested to aid in the selection of one.

The Outcome

Our strategic strengths, combined with keen intuition and sense-making abilities, allowed us to deliver a clear path forward and set the stage for medium- and long-term brand evolution.

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