The Challenge

Our client had two brands in need of short- and medium-term pipeline enhancement. Their existing need state work was helpful, but overly “packaged,” proving less than actionable for inspiring innovation. We helped the team transform its foundational insights through a strategic but nimble Ideation plan.

The Approach

We first unpacked the need state work, mining for pervasive themes and creating platforms.

The platforms representing a strong consumer need and a significant opportunity for the business became pillars for new product ideation. With limited time for discovery, we designed individual platform-based missions for the cross-functional client team. These missions covered four platforms and were designed to be informative, immersive and inspiring.

The insights gathered on these missions, along with other stimulus and activities, empowered the team to generate numerous strategically sound, forward-thinking new product ideas for both brands. We led the team through prioritization of the idea yield and helped stage up for quantitative testing through the articulation of concise concept statements.

The Outcome

We empowered the development of over 150 product ideas born from consumer insights, led the categorization and prioritization of the set for pipeline staging, and articulated top-priority product ideas for next-stage testing.

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