The Challenge

Our client was launching a new food product line and turned to us to help them realize maximum potential among their target consumer segment and to understand the best delivery — sensory appeal and fit with the product concept — of two flavor variations.

The Approach

We designed a series of qualitative workshops to yield both relevant consumer behaviors/usage patterns and sensory product preferences.

We knew we needed to explore the product category and understand the role it played in consumers’ lives to ensure our products’ difference and advantage. Then, through prototype tasting, we focused on evaluating:

  • Texture (levels, ration of softness/hardness)
  • Flavor delivery and impression (flavors, intensity)
  • Appearance (attractiveness, ingredient visibility, size, shape)

Half of the sessions focused on each flavor variation to pinpoint the best execution of each.

The Outcome

We informed our client’s next steps in product development by showing the product line’s fit in the consumer’s life and pinpointing the optimal execution for each flavor variation.

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